Heat Stress Monitoring Equipment

Heat Shield—Real-time Portable Heat Stress Monitoring System

Heat shield is a portable system for real-time WBGT, Humidex and Heat index calculations. It can be held in hand or fixed on a tripod for short-term monitoring campaign. It can be used indoor or outdoor and can be connected to satellites for measurements in different points. It is supplied with a software for data downloading, assessment and reporting.

Permanent Heat Stress Measuring System

Measuring system with real-time data flow to SCADA System for real-time connection to local SCADA by RS2232-485 Modbus. Real-time permanent assessment of WBGT index including WBGT Effective and WBGT Reference values to assess the heat stress conditions according to the exposure limits given by the ISO-7243 standard. Heat Index calculation capability.

Outdoor/Indoor Permanent/Portable Heat Stress Monitoring System

Heat stress monitoring system with data logging, remote communication and alarms features For monitoring and real-time warning the health and safety of workers in severe outdoor high thermal stress conditions. Two different assembling, one for outdoor permanent heat stress monitoring application, one for indoor and outdoor portable application. The system consists of sensors, data logger and mounting accessories. Data Logger can calculate WBGT and other heat stress indexes, generate local and remote alarms and send the real- time data to remote PCs.