EECC designs, supplies and maintains

a vast sophisticated pollution monitoring instruments, process instruments and analytical instruments for numerous applications. Our product range includes ambient air quality monitoring system, continuous emission monitoring system, portable and fixed site particulate sampling systems, water and wastewater monitoring system, on-line process gas analyzers, process monitoring, analytical instrumentations and temperature controlled instrument shelter. We also supply gas calibration and diluter systems, datalogger for data collection, software for data presentation and reports, toxic gas and industrial hygiene monitoring equipment.

Designer and integrator

of pollution monitoring equipment, EECC appreciates leading technology. That is why EECC only selects from manufacturer’s offering the best technology available from around the world. We are proud to be the exclusive distributor of leading edge brand names such as Opsis AB, Thermo Scientific CMD IC/SP Division, Thermo Scientific Environmental and Process Division (EPM), Environmental Supply Company, Inc. (ESC), Envea UK, LSI Lastem, DTN, Ohio Lumex, Xenemetrix, Horiba. All EECC products are field tested and subjected to comprehensive compliance criteria prior to its official release. So you can be assured that the technology you invest in is leading the world.