Highly Trained Engineers & Customer Service Staff

At EECC, we believe it is important that the customer be comfortable and fully conversant with the operation and maintenance of any on our highly engineered and specialized equipment. That is why we can provide Full Training on all products we sell, furthermore we provide full service and guarantee spare parts on all equipment sold, so you can maintain continual operation of your valuable investment.

All commissioning and after sales service can be professionally handled by our fully trained customer support engineers. In addition, full service contracts and preventive maintenance contracts can be arranged on all equipment.

Regardless of the size, complexity or budget of your monitoring application, EECC works with you to solve your monitoring needs. Our highly trained engineers and customer service staff can provide you with the flexible solution you are looking for.

EECC’s comprehensive operational and maintenance training courses are held both locally and internationally are highly regarded by our customers. It is our dedication to train our customers in all aspects of their purchased system that ultimately results in system that work.

Comprehensive Operational & Maintenance Training Courses

Comprehensive training courses are available and provided by experienced EECC training personnel.

Courses available include:

  • General training on air, water, process and analytical equipment practical theory.
  • General training on the operation and maintenance of specific equipment.
  • Customer specific training on the operation and maintenance of an air, water, process, analytical instrumentation system.

These courses are designed to help the end users to operate, maintain and calibrate the equipment and systems with maximum efficiency. These courses provide in-depth training on specific equipment or system operation, maintenance, trouble shooting, data collection and generation of data reports. All necessary calibration procedures including audit calibrations are also covered.

It is our dedication to train our customers in all aspects of their purchased equipment that ultimately results in systems that work.