Airport Aeromet System

The Muir Matheson Aviation AeroMET System is a flexible solution which can support a wide range of sensors, systems, inputs & outputs and can scale to client needs. The primary function of AeroMET is to provide Air Traffic Control users with a single, cohesive display of multiple sources of information.


The AeroMET™ platform covers a range of products that can improve operational performance by improving efficiencies through the automation of operational process:

  • Easy integration with other ATC systems.
  • Reduces cancellations and delays due to weather conditions.
  • Improves the safety of passengers and personnel through situational awareness.

AeroMET™ – DataStream

MM Aviation AeroMET™ – DataStream is an integral part of the AeroMET™ system o ering comprehensive AWOS and ATIS services to airport operators. MM Aviation install and connect to sensors around the airport though AeroMET™ – DataStream.


AeroMET™ – IRVR analyses and aggregates data from visibility sensors, background luminance sensors, runway light intensity sensors to calculate the RVR data points that give air traffic control and pilots the key information they need to make operational decisions in poor visibility.