The first atmospheric LIDAR company in the world

We aim to be the pioneer in addressing the environmental challenges through our software platform and unique integrating capabilities. These allow us to analyze the data provided by a constellation of LIDARs and other advanced sensors

3D Ceilometer

Works as a visual radar, records the radiation that is backscattered in the components of the atmosphere.

Volcanic Ash Detector

Accurate measurements of atmospheric content for Volcanic Ash Monitoring.

Remote Dust Monitoring Systems

Remotely detects incoming dust and indicates time of arrival, helping forecasters for early warning scenarios

Wildfires Detector

Detects smoke instead of fire, thus no direct line of sight is needed.

Tropospheric Ozone Monitoring

Prevents UV solar radiation from reaching the earth’s surface protecting flora and fauna from its harmful effects.


Detects the linear and circular polarization of the backscattered light from the dust particles in the atmosphere.


Mobile reference ground- based LIDAR system capable of providing well-characterized fiducial reference measurements of aerosol optical properties.


The new MARS research station, designed to be the most modern such station in Eastern Europe