Continuous Emission Monitoring

Opsis systems for continuous emission monitoring (CEM) set the standard for reliable and cost efficient solutions to any industrial monitoring needs. The systems are based on Opsis’ gas analysers utilizing open-path DOAS technology for measurement of concentrations of a wide range of gaseous compounds. Measurements can often be made in-situ, thereby excluding any need for extraction and dilution of the flue gases. This is of particular interest where the flue gas is dust-laden, high humid and/or aggressive.

Cross-Stack UV & FTIR DOAS Systems

OPSIS CEM systems measure multiple emissions or process gases in real time in situ. Using the DOAS (Differential Optical Absorption Spectroscopy) technique, the system is non-contact, with fast response.

One system can be configured to monitor NO, NO2, SO2, O3, H2S, NH3, CO, CO2, HF, H2O, CH4, Hg, HCl, Cl2, ClO2, CS2, Phenol, Formaldehyde, among other gaseous compounds

System Overview

A basic system includes an analyser, an emitter/receiver set, and an optical fibre cable.

EnviMan Software

OPSIS EnviMan is a series of software modules for management of environmental information.

The MS Windows based EnviMan software offers a range of functions for flexible and cost-effective solutions for industrial applications.

Air Quality Management Modules

  • Data acquisition, validation and presentation
  • Advanced data presentation and reporting
  • Internet presentation
  • Emission database
  • Real-time dispersion modelling
  • Locating emission sources
  • Handling of input and output signals