GeoResistivimeter for Time-Lapse Analysis


G.Re.T.A. is the most effective and innovative solution for Permanent Geoelectric Monitoring of the conditions of large sections of soil. The device is an easy to install industrialized off-the-shelf solution for geoelectrical monitoring. This instrument measures the alteration over time of the soil’s resistivity section, functional to the characterization of the same in terms of water content, presence of pollutants, cavities and other anomalies.

  • Off-the-shelf, easy-to-install geoelectrical monitoring solution
  • Remote monitoring, with data  visualizations and configurations via Cloud software
  • Energy autonomous system Soils’ % water content calculation along the entire monitored profile
  • Automatic alarm messages when thresholds are reached

A consolidated technology Electrical Resistivity Tomography (ERT) is based on the insertion of an electric field in the ground through electrodes (input electrodes), and the measurement of the voltage through other electrodes (measurement electrodes). From the measure of the voltage it is possible to obtain, through the second law of Ohm, the resistivity value, a peculiar characteristic of all materials.