Mass Spectrometer Detectors

Built for everyday, reliable routine operation with seamless integration into your HPLC or UHPLC system. Ion trap MS system is cost-effective and provide automation features which enable all users, to be more confident in instrument operation skills.

ISQ EC / ISQ EM Single Quadrupole MS

Enables novices and experts to run routine MS in simple and complex matrices.

LTQ XL Linear Ion Trap Mass Spectrometer

Delivers high-sensitivity MSn performance to generate extensive structural information.

TSQ Fortis Triple Quadrupole MS

Increase productivity, answer complex questions/sample, achieve reproducible results.

TSQ Quantis Triple Quadrupole MS

Answer critical analytical challenges during targeted quantitation workflows in your laboratory.

TSQ Altis Triple Quadrupole MS

Address the most stringent analytical challenges for targeted quantitation workflows with its improved Active Ion Management (AIM™) technology.