IC Columns, Supressors, and Standards

Columns for any IC applications. Wide selection of Ion exchange column chemistries is designed to address a broad array of application challenges.

Dionex™ IC Columns

Addresses chromatographic separations modes including ion exchange, ion exclusion, reversed phase ion pairing, and ion suppression.

Dionex™ DRS 600

Dynamically Regenerated Suppressor for electrolytically regenerated suppression in ion chromatography (IC), enable highest sensitivity and lowest possible detection limits.

Dionex™ Retention Time Standards

Available for both anion and cation analyses, these standards contain specific ratios of analytes.

These high-performance autosampler provides increased sample capacity, fast injection times, maximum precision, and broad application flexibility. High precision low-cost, metal free, and high-sample volume autosamplers and manual injectors.

Dionex AS-AP Autosampler

Dionex AS-DV Autosampler

Dionex AS-HV Autosampler